Irrigation system installations, maintenance packages, & repairs for your raleigh lawn

A beautiful lawn is just like you, it needs to stay hydrated to stay healthy. Keep your property consistently watered with an irrigation system.

A sprinkler system for your lawn is the best way to maintain proper water hydration. Once your system is installed, utilize our recommended watering schedule to keep your lawn healthy. It will be a breeze for you to keep your lawn on schedule, even if you are at work or out of town. 

Our team helps you with the whole package. Irrigation Installations, year-round Irrigation Maintenance Packages, and ever Irrigation System Repairs

Irrigation Services

Why Choose Our Raleigh Irrigation Services?

We assist you from start to finish. From the first steps of determining what type of system, how many zones you have, to a quality installation job, and even the proper certifications, our Irrigation crew works for you. 

As a licensed Irrigation Contractor, we are aware of and implement the appropriate measures to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. We stand behind water conservation and water quality through proper system design, installation, and maintenance. Find out more about the benefits of hiring a licensed Irrigation Contractor and the requirements of earning and maintaining a license by clicking here to view the “Why Hire a NC Licensed Irrigation Contractor” from the NCICLB. 

There’s no need to feel overwhelmed with your new investment, we will show you how to correctly use and care for your system. Plus, we offer hassle-free Irrigation Maintenance Packages that provide your sprinklers with the upkeep it needs to last much longer than the warranty.


Happily hydrating lawns across Raleigh, Durham, Cary, Wake Forest, and surrounding Triangle areas.

Review From A Durham Customer

"We have had excellent customer service and well as everything looks great. They have done everything they said they would do in a timely manner."
Natalie C.
Durham, NC