At North Carolina Turf Care, we believe everyone should have the opportunity to make their lawn a personal sanctuary. Whether you want a traditional Southern landscape, a modern style, or perhaps something more exotic, our landscape professionals can help set the tone for your property and home.

From unique designs to more fundamental installations, we’ll use our tools of pine straw, flowers, shrubs, trees, sod, and mulch to create a work of art in your yard.

Landscaping Services That We Offer

We’re not your everyday lawn-mowing service. At North Carolina Turf Care, our landscaping architects specialize in crafting the perfect lawn with a custom selection of services, including:

Create Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Our Landscaping and Lawn Design Professionals are certified and licensed, with years of experience working in North Carolina’s unique climate. We know the perfect amount of aeration a lawn needs, how to manage Carolina red clay, the correct method of lawn irrigation in the Raleigh area’s more humid, moist climate. Let our North Carolina landscape experts keep your lawn healthy from the roots up! A beautiful lawn begins with fresh, green grass, then we grow from there!

Important Seasonal Landscaping Services for Autumn

Especially with autumn quickly approaching, we recommend aeration and overseeding services for your lawn! Fall is the time of year when landscaping professionals and lawn enthusiasts begin preparing their grass for a lush, healthy year. Ideally, we want to aerate and overseed your lawn before a coat of fallen leaves push down the dirt and before cold weather begins to freeze the Carolina red clay.
If you want to know what’s involved in the process, or why it’s so important, please take a look at our informative section for autumn aeration and overseeding.