Outdoor fire features are a rustic and cozy outdoor living trend.

We specialize in custom stone and brick outdoor fireplaces in the Raleigh, Wake Forest, Cary, Morrisville, Apex, and Holly Springs areas of North Carolina.

The Joys Of An Outdoor Fireplace or Fire Pit

Outdoor fire features are beautiful, adding a new dimension of design to your landscape. In addition to added elegance and beauty, fire features provide a functional area for entertaining, or for casual evenings at home. Imagine an Autumn evening curled up with a book and a glass of wine on your paver patio by a custom fireplace. Or, imagine hosting a Winter cookout and sing-along with family and friends gathered around your roaring fire pit.


Styles Of Outdoor Fire Features North Carolina Turf Care Installs:

  • Outdoor Brick Fire Features
  • The allure of brick design has an ageless, charming appeal. Brick fireplaces are durable enough to stand up to heavy weathering, constant heat, and aggressive cleaning; making them the ideal choice for harsh conditions.

  • Outdoor Stone Block Fire Features
  • Stone fire features add a unique, old-world, feel to your landscape. Like brick, stone block fire features are impressively durable. However unlike brick, stone block easily blends into a natural-styled landscape with water features and lush shrubs; making it the ideal choice for most landscapes.

  • Outdoor Stone Veneer Fire Features
  • Stone veneer fire features are constructed from an array of building materials, and the stone veneer is affixed to the outside at the end of the construction process. Because stone veneer is not structurally integral to the fire feature, it offers the greatest flexibility for feature size, shape, and design. Available in a dizzying array of colors, styles, and textures, stone veneer allows for the highest level of customization and artistic expression.

    Why Build An Outdoor Fire Feature?

    • Outdoor fire features increase property values
    • Custom fire features can be added to a pre-existing hardscape or outdoor kitchen
    • Fire features provide a gathering place for family and neighborhood functions and cookouts
    • Fire features Enhance the texture and personality of a landscape
    • Fire features Adding warmth and usability to your patio during chilly winter months



    What’s Involved In Installing An Outdoor Fire Feature?

    North Carolina Turf Care begins by sending one of our expert designers to evaluate your current landscape and hardscape needs. Don’t feel overwhelmed – we will help you from beginning to end!

    The Process:

    1. The designer evaluates your property to help determine the ideal spot for your outdoor fireplace/fire pit.
    2. The designer determines any potential challenges with your current landscape and creates a plan of action.
    3. The designer sits down to consult with you and ask questions about any present or future plans for your property. For example, are you planning to eventually install a pool or an outdoor kitchen? If so, we’ll design your fire feature installation around your future plans!
    4. The designer helps determine the type of fire feature that fits your needs and personal preferences, so the feature matches your landscape,  your style, and your beautiful home.
    5. Our professional, certified, team will come install your personalized outdoor fire feature.
    6. Enjoy the beauty, warmth, and functionality of your fire feature for decades to come!

    How Long Does It Take to Install An Outdoor Fire Feature?

    It can take up to a week to install an outdoor fireplace/fire pit, depending on the location, size, and complexity of the design.  But most fireplaces/fire pits can be installed in 2 to 3 days and can be used within 24 hours of completion.


    Things to Consider When Choosing a Location

    Our Designer will help you determine a great location for your fireplace! But in the meantime, here are some things to consider while you plan for this exciting home improvement.

    • Confirm the prevailing wind direction. You don’t want to send smoke towards undesirable locations like a bedroom window.
    • Consider choosing a private area of your property.
    • Make sure you find a location with scenery you love! Our landscape designers can help improve scenery if needed.
    • Pick an area with enough space to accommodate seating

    Don’t stress over the details! Our experts will help you with each step of the planning process.

    Fuel for Your Outdoor Fire Feature

    Another considering when choosing your fire feature is fuel. The type of fuel your fire feature uses will determine the overall cost. The three most common types of fuel are:


    1. Wood – Most traditional and least expensive fuel source. Wood fires have longer starting and cooling periods than other options. Wood fireplaces will require installing a chimney.
    2. Natural Gas – Allows for instantaneous flame and rapid cooling after use. A more expensive option than wood, Natural Gas requires a variety of inspections and line installations to be planned prior to construction.
    3. Propane – Allows for instantaneous flame and rapid cooling after use. A more expensive option than wood, Propane can be a great alternative for those desiring the benefits of a gas fire without access to Natural Gas.