Sod for your lawn can be a great solution for yards in Raleigh. North Carolina summers can be tough on lawns. Installing sod is a great alternative to seeding and can turn a rough landscape, or a select patchy area, into a brand new lawn in one day.

Advantages Of Sod For Your Yard

For newly built homes, sod can be a quick way to transform a barren landscape into a gorgeous lawn that looks like it has been established for years. Some existing homeowners have had trouble with their lawn for years, and being able to put down a fresh, lush, green carpet to blanket their yards can be a rewarding choice. Since North Carolina summers are so hot, the seed has to be put down at the right time of year to establish its root system. Since sod is already grown, it has a more forgiveness for the time of year installed and can be a great addition, under certain conditions, almost year round.



Sod Is A Great Choice For Your Raleigh Home

Aside from making your neighbors jealous and improving curb appeal almost overnight, there are lots of good reasons for adding sod to your yard.

  • Erosion: Since sod is only installed when it is fully-matured, it can immediately begin preventing erosion of your soil from storms especially on hills and slopes.
  • Added Value: Many houses on the market can sell more quickly and for higher prices with a better-looking yard. The ease of adding sod and the time it takes can often be a great solution when selling a house.
  • It’s Fast: Most projects can be completed in days and at almost any time during the year. If weather conditions are right, a yard can even be used for active use within a matter of weeks.
  • Less Water: When installed, sod requires about half the amount of water that seeding does. With water at such a premium in North Carolina, and sometimes limited on days of the week that it can be used, this is often a great advantage for getting a lawn to establish it’s root system.

Our Process For Installing A New Lawn

To provide a solid foundation and avoid the risk of weeds and other types of vegetation from competing with your new grass, we:

  • Remove the old turf and weeds from the area where we will be planting the new grass.
  • Prepare the area by removing large rocks and other debris.
  • Blend the native dirt and add additional soil and other nutrients to give the roots a fertile base to grow.
  • Finish grade the area by hand with rakes for greater precision and control.


Once your yard is prepped, our professional landscaping team lays the newly harvested, professional-grade sod and cuts-in the edges to give a well-manicured appearance. Once completed, upkeep is relatively simple! Just set up regular watering on a routine schedule to encourage initial root growth to establish a healthy root system.

Types Of Sod We Use For North Carolina Lawns

While we have access to high-quality sod of each varietal that will grow in North Carolina, we recommend the following strains for their outstanding performance in the face of a variety of challenges.

Zoysia: “Leisure Time Zoysia” is the most popular zoysiagrass we install. It has an impressive chemical tolerance,(reducing damage from “dog spot”). It is the most shade tolerant warm season grass (flourishing on a minimum of 4 hours of direct sunlight). Finally, it is self-repairing, slow growing, dense, and beautiful.

Bermuda: “TifTuf Bermuda” is the result of considerable scientific research and engineering. It is the most aggressively self-repairing bermudagrass (up to two times faster than other self-repairing grasses). It also lives up to its name in impressive physical durability, chemical, cold, and shade resistance, while exhibiting astonishing drought tolerance characteristics (requiring less than 40% of the water of fescue).

Fescue: “Conferedate Fescue” is a southern version of what many consider to be the “Classic American Lawn.” Fescue requires more water, care, and maintenance than other grasses in North Carolina, but in return, it offers a green lawn year-round with the proper care. Fescue is a great choice for shadier areas (it can easily survive in areas with 4 hours of sunlight or longer periods of filtered shade), or areas with higher than average moisture content.


Why You Should Trust North Carolina Turf Care With Your Lawn?

North Carolina Turf Care provides a high-quality product from premium suppliers and installs professional-quality sod at an affordable price. We are a local, family-owned business and strive to provide the best experience for our clients. Contact us today for an estimate, and let us help your lawn flourish!