A well-manicured lawn requires close attention to detail. One of the most important, and difficult, is fertilization and weed control management.

Our self-managed method of lawn care maintenance continues with a catalog of approaches to turf maintenance. With so many aspects to take into consideration, our lawn fertilization plan is developed to the specific needs of North Carolina lawns. We customize your program based on your lawn type and individual needs.

Our North Carolina Lawn Fertilization Program

Cool Season Turfgrass Consists Of 6 Applications:

1. Liquid fertilizer containing pre-emergent crabgrass control and post-
emergent weed control for any winter annual weeds.

2. Liquid fertilizer with a second application of pre-/post-emergent
weed controls.

3. Liquid slow-release fertilizer to prepare turf for summer stresses by
promoting more root growth. Weed controls also used for any summer weeds.

4. Granular lime treatment to amend soil for your cool-season turfgrass
needs. Weed controls for specific weeds at this time of year used as well.

5. Fertilizer to help cool season turf to come out of summer stress and
transition into active growth. A starter fertilizer will be used.

6. A winter fertilizer will be applied to your cool season turf. Weed
controls will be used as needed.



Warm Season Turfgrasses Consists Of 6 Applications:

1. Early spring liquid pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls. No
fertilizer needed at this time.

2.  Lime Treatment. This treatment is for amending soil for
proper growth when the warm-season grass starts to grow after winter
dormancy. Weed controls as needed.

3. Late spring granular fertilizer post-emergent weed controls. Your warm
season turf should just now be coming out of dormancy

4. Summer fertilization. Depending on the lawn, this could be liquid or
granular fertilizer. Weed controls as needed.

5. Late summer fertilization. This fertilizer will push root growth to
help your warm season lawn get ready for dormancy over Fall/Winter months.

6. Early Fall liquid pre-emergent and post-emergent weed controls. This
will control any weeds present and keep new ones for germinating.

Additional Services We Offer:

  • Fire Ant Control
  • Insecticide (Grub Control)
  • Fungicides (Brown Patch) Fescue turfs will be treated May, June, July, August. Warm season turfs will be treated spring and fall
  • Nutsedge Treatment


Individual consultations with a licensed technician are available by inquiry.