Paver Pool Decks For Your Pool

A pool can be the perfect gathering place for friends and family, or the ultimate personal getaway conveniently located in your own backyard. But what does every pool need to make it complete? A beautiful, high-quality paver pool deck. 

Paver pool decks turn an ordinary pool into a space of luxury. 

Textured pavers hold less heat as compared to concrete and provide a safer, non-slip grip to the toes that will inevitably be running to the pool to jump in. Look is customizable too. Choose from dozens of color and style options.

Paver Pool Deck Benefits

Pavers, on the other hand, can be selected in a wide variety of styles and colors. Reflect your personality and sense of style in your pool deck by choosing the paver style that best matches your style.  

Textured pavers create a safer, non-slip surface so your little ones can play, and you can enjoy peace of mind. Imagine having a pool deck that stays cool to the touch, even after hours in direct sunlight. Yes, that’s possible! Ask one of our hardscape professionals about these remarkable pavers.

Standard Concrete Issues

Poured-in-place concrete is the classic option when it comes to pool decks; unfortunately, they have a host of issues associated with them. 

With the potential to sink, becoming uneven and creating potential tripping hazards for the running feet jumping into the pool, concrete pool decks are just not the best option anymore. Over time, concrete cracks from the continual heating and cooling resulting from prolonged direct sun exposure. 

Poured-in-place concrete holds heat well making it too hot to walk on comfortably. Plus, when wet, the surface becomes slippery and dangerous. 

If safety wasn’t enough, concrete as no visual appeal to your sparkling pool.

What If I Already Have A Concrete Pool Deck?

Not to worry! Paver pool decks are still a viable option for your outdoor space. We can install stone pavers as an overlay. This is a process specifically designed to give you the look and benefits of a paver pool deck, even where there is concrete already in place.